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Knitted Socks

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20 patterns

Knitted Socks

Join Niina Laitinen on a journey around the world through gorgeous new knitting patterns.

This book contains 20 sock patterns inspired by places and cities around the world, drawing on ancient stories, memorable sights and fond memories of the author's own travels.

The 'Shanghai' socks are inspired by the gold dragon scales and flowing lace of China; delicate pale-pink cherry blossom motifs bedeck the 'Hanami' (flower viewing) socks that brings to mind springtime in Japan; while the flowing leaves of the tropical rainforests and the exotic creatures prescribe the vivid colourways of the 'Madagascar'-inspired pair.

Laitinen has designed the patterns to be easy to knit in her trademark familiar style using double-pointed needles, or cable needles for the cabled details, and a creative use of colour. The instructions are clear, there are intricate, detailed pattern charts for each pair of socks, and the photos are rich, atmospheric and wonderfully evocative. Some instructions are written for multiple sizes, and others can be adapted using the instructions.

Wherever you are, you can be sure to have the world at your feet!


Lights of Shanghai 12, Hanami 22, Madagascar 36, Taj Mahal 30, Phoenix 46, Desert Sands 58, Antarctica 64, Rio De Janeiro 74, Honolulu 82, Talking Feather 88, San Francisco 96, Amsterdam 102, Skyfall 112, Under Parisian Skies 118, Aphrodite 128, Fairy-tale Castle 138, Milan Cathedral 146, Reykjavik 154, Little Mermaid 160, Land of a Thousand Lakes 168